Kyle Burrell was born and raised in the Chattooga River country of northeast Georgia  and has been seriously fly fishing, fly tying, and building custom fly rods since the early 80s. Kyle has been a U.S. Forest Service Fisheries Biologist in North Carolina and Georgia, and has worked as an Environmental Scientist in the Atlanta area. 


He is an expert on trout behavior and trout stream ecosystems. His graduate thesis entitled "Seasonal Movement of Brown Trout in the Chattooga River Watershed" was published in Transactions of the American Fisheries Society in 2001.


Kyle now guides full-time and divides his time between the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta in the spring, and the Green River of Wyoming in the summer time for trophy sized wild trout. In the fall and winter he is a consulting forestry technician.



The Green River begins in the Wind River Mountains and flows unimpeded until it reaches the Fontenelle Reservoir. The Green is a relatively small river that passes through a patchwork of public and private land. Float fishing is the preferred and often the only legal means of accessing the better sections of the river.


While open all year, the best fishing, not surprisingly, follows some time after Spring snowmelt ends in late June or early July. The first big hatches of the season begin as this runoff ends. In fact, the Green is known for its fantastic grey drake mayfly hatch.


Good fishing will continue throughout the summer. Hatches wane in late July; however spectacular terrestrial dry fly fishing lasts well into the fall.